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Why I Do What I Do


In 2009, I was working as a stand-up comedian and was hired to perform at a clothing optional resort in Tampa, FL.  It was cold and I didn't see much, but my comedy resonated with the audience and they requested me to come back in 8 weeks.  And then they asked me again, and again, and again.  I decided to learn as much as I could about this unique culture so I could put together a comedy show just for them.  I spent a weekend at this clothing-optional resort, and my life was changed forever that weekend.  I loved it so much, my then-husband and I decided to try a clothing-optional vacation and headed to a resort in Mexico for a week.


We were there about 2 hours, when a guy approached us to "play."  It had never occurred to us to do that before.  We never talked about it, but the guy pushed us into "playing" with him and his wife.  Then we discovered that he was a "predator-type" swinger, and his wife was just "playing along" to keep their marriage going.  What turned out to be an innocent trip nearly ended in divorce.  Our next encounter was with a seemingly nice couple, that had a fight prior to our first "full swap" encounter.  The wife used my husband to make her husband jealous, which made for a horrible trip.  And then we found another couple that "fell in love" with us, and tried splitting us up.   Our next encounter was with a couple that was all down to play with us.  They were incredible fun!  And then...they never talked to us again... 


Each encounter created emotional turmoil and putting a strain on our marriage.   I was bound and determined to figure out what we were doing wrong!  I started taking notes on everyone we met, and breaking down what was working and what wasn't.  Over and over, we kept meeting all the wrong people!  Of course, I put the best swinging stories in my comedy show, The Dominatrix of Ditties.  As my reputation as an entertainer grew, I was invited to perform at swinger events all over the country, and later all over the world.   When I wasn't working, I would sit in the back and watch swingers interact (or not interact) with each other.  I took notes.  I casually interviewed swingers from all walks of life to see what worked for them and heard their horror stories.  I wasn't alone!  I began collecting their helpful tips and tricks and assembling them for myself and my husband.


By incorporating some of the same tips and tricks I'm going to show you, our swinging success rate went from 90% failure to 90% success!  I began figuring out where things were likely to go wrong, and put together a complete system to help myself and my husband really enjoy what "The Lifestyle" was all about.  It helped us get honest about what each of us wanted to experience.  From there, we were able to create a swinging atmosphere that was healthy and positive.  Most importantly, we had a set of working guidelines so we could quickly and easily eliminate "the duds" so we only played with "thestuds!"   Now, my complete system of Swinger Secrets is available to you.  Welcome to The Upside Down Pineapple Club!

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