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Meet your hostess, Traci.

Everything you needed to know about "Swinging," but didn't know who to ask!

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New to "The Lifestyle" and don't know who to trust?  Have you been in the lifestyle awhile but you're not meeting the right people?  Tired of buying drinks until that couple you met on the internet looks like their pictures?  Keep finding the couples that are nothing but "DRAMA?"  Look no further...help is here!

You found The Upside Down Pineapple Club!  The Upside Down Pineapple Club is a series of classes taught by Traci, The Dominatrix of Ditties, who was The #1 Female Entertainer for The Lifestyle in 2015-2018.  She made a living performing her musical comedy show about "the lifestyle" and traveled all over the world performing at Swinger Events, Swinger Cruises, and Nudist Resorts.  She shares her hilarious experiences and advice with you, so you can basically "get it on" with more people faster.

The Upside Down Pineapple Club is perfect for anyone interested in "The Lifestyle!"

Newbie Swingers

Learn what you need to know about the lifestyle, so you can proceed in the best way for you without damaging your existing relationship.

Seasoned Swingers

Not getting the results you want?  I've found seasonsed swingers are either too timid or too pushy.  Learn a good balance in this course!

Just Curious?

Learn everything you need to know from the comfort of your home, so you can make an informed decision whether or not "The Lifestyle" is for you.  

How the Upside Down Pineapple Club came about...

In 2009, I was working as a stand-up comedian and was hired to perform at a clothing optional resort in Tampa, FL.  It was cold and I didn't see much, but my comedy resonated with the audience and they requested me to come back in 8 weeks.  And then they asked me again, and again, and again.  I decided to learn as much as I could about this unique culture so I could put together a comedy show just for them.  I spent a weekend at this clothing-optional resort, and my life was changed forever that weekend.  I loved it so much, my then-husband and I decided to try a clothing-optional vacation and headed to a resort in Mexico for a week.



11 Videos, 12+ hours of instruction covering the following:

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A Brief History of Swinging, and  Terminology

In this video, Traci covers a brief history of swinging and some basic terminology you need to know, including unicorns, milfs, gilfs, ggilfs, and bbc!

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Reasons for Singles and Couples to Be In The Lifestyle Discussion

Traci covers the myths and misconceptions about swinging, as well as the numerous reasons why millions of couples are choosing to get involved with "The Lifestyle."

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Understanding What You and Your Partner Want To Get From The Lifestyle

Why are you here?  Why is your partner here?  You might be surprised to find out your reasons are very different.  This video covers what you need to know about your partner as well as yourself before you start swinging.

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Slut Shopping Tips!

Where's the sexy, slutty people?  Find out where the swingers are in this video.  Learn how to meet sexy singles and couples online as well as in person.

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Presenting Your "Package"

Swingers are highly visual...this video deals with how you can best show off your ass-ets to other singles and couples.

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Fuck It? or Duck It?

Learn Traci's 5 Magic Questions to determine whether or not a couple is DTF...Down To Fuck.

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Exclusive Interview with 3 "Chocolate Room" Guys

Almost every swinger event has a chocolate room, and the guys that work the chocolate rooms have a very unique perspective on their role in the lifestyle.  A fascinating interview on why they do what they do!

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DeFlower and Shower, and Fuck Ups

You got the play date...now what?  This video talks about swinger etiquette and best practices for a successful play date, and what to do when things don't go as expected.


STDs and Other Acronyms You Should Probably Know

STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) is one of the risks that singles and couples take when the begin swinging.  Thankfully, Traci knew a Physician/Pharmacist who partially made for medical school filming porn.  Learn what he has to say about STDs and "The Lifestyle."

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BDSM and 50 Shades of WTF Did I Just See?

There's a dungeon at your favorite club and you just don't understand what you're seeing!  This discussion talks about etiquette in the dungeon and gives an explanation for some of the things you might see.

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Reconciling Your Faith With The Lifestyle

Traci met a retired minister on a swinger cruise some years ago, and begged her to teach a course about reconciling one's faith with the lifestyle.  The minister divulges some history about monogamy, and then shares her thoughts on how one can reconcile their faith with ethical nonmonogamy.

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Bonus "Lifestyle" Funny Video Links

There are several funny videos about "The Lifestyle," so here's where you can see them!

I have spent over 13+ years and $150,000 acquiring this information.

I've invested 13+ years of my life in acquiring this information.  I've traveled all over the world with these people, been on 20 swinger cruises, visited close to a hundred clubs and resorts, and had "intimate relations" with countless people.  I ended up getting divorced, so then I got to experience "The Lifestyle" as a "Unicorn" for 3+ years.  When I got into a new relationship, I had to start all over again as a "newbie swinger." 

I'm confident The Upside Down Pineapple Club

WILL save you at least $1497

in travel expenses, dinner, drinks, your time, and AT LEAST one bad night of sex because you didn't know how to find the right single/couple for you.

I charge $195 for a 90 minute Lifestyle Consulting Session

You can have all of these classes for just


11+ hours with me to teach you this material PERSONALLY would cost you over  $2000!!!


Santa Barbara, CA

Straight-forward, no bullsh*t, and spot-on.  Traci, your 5 Magic Questions saved us a ton of time and money.


Land O Lakes, FL

I wish I had this when I started swinging!  So much to learn, and Traci covers it quickly and thoroughly.

Craig & Linda

Boise, ID

Straight-forward, no bullsh*t, and spot-on.  Traci, your 5 Magic Questions saved us a ton of time and money.

Bradenton, FL

Traci's knowledge about the lifestyle is amazing!  She breaks it down into bite sized pieces.

Kirsten & Tom

Lisa & Dave